Chevron USA, Inc.
Carter Creek, WY, U.S.

Chevron Gas Processing Plant

Fluor Daniel designed and constructed a grassroots gas processing and sulfur recovery from sour gas plant for Chevron in Carter Creek, Wyoming. Fluor Daniel also provided startup services and supplemental maintenance.

Processing facilities provided well-stream separation and condensate stabilization, hydrogen sulfide removal, dew-point control, sulf​ur recovery and tail-gas treating. The plant was designed to process 150 million standard cubic feet per day (SCFD) of sour gas, yielding 119 million SCFD of processed gas, 1,000 tons of sulfur and 4,050 barrels per day of hydrocarbon condensate. The plant had provisions for future expansion to three times this capacity.

Gas from the new facility was transported by the Trail Blazer pipeline system from Wyoming to Nebraska.

Client's Challenge

​At the site's remote 8,100-foot elevation, winter winds reach 70 miles per hour, and temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Water had to be piped from a reservoir nine miles away at 1,700-foot elevation. The site preparation also required excavation of more than 1 million cubic yards of dirt to provide the 125-acre plot for the plant.​

Fluor's Solution

Because of the severe weather conditions, it was necessary to provide heated buildings for most of the process units. All water lines were buried eight feet underground.

At peak construction, 2,200 workers were on site. The project required more than one million engineering work hours and more than 4.5 million hours of skilled construction labor.​


​Design began in June 1980, and construction was completed in the fall of 1982.​​​