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Fueling The World

At Fluor, we understand the many complex challenges that clients in the fuels industry face. With a long history of experience, we're proud to be one of the few global companies capable of executing large and complex engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects for the processing and renewable fuels industries. Our expertise includes consulting and design-build of new capital facilities, refineries, pipelines and offshore facilities, as well as operations retrofit and plant-betterment services.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

With half a century of experience working in the gas processing industry, we have participated in a wide variety of liquefied natural gas developments including liquefaction, floating LNG, mega-trains and regasification terminals.

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We develop modular mid-scale LNG reference designs in collaboration with established LNG licensors and equipment suppliers. These solutions, combined with Fluor’s global footprint, can be deployed anywhere in the world, on land or water.

Our combination of LNG, fabrication, construction and marine terminal capabilities, along with project management and financing expertise, has placed Fluor in the forefront of LNG receiving terminal design.

Oil & Gas

With extensive project experience in oil and gas, we continue to build on our position as a technology leader, assisting clients with a full range of expertise essential to maximizing return on conventional, unconventional and specialized oil and gas assets.

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Our capabilities include:

  • Gas processing

  • Gas treating

  • Gasification

  • Hydrocarbon transportation (including onshore and cross-country pipelines)

  • Subsea pipelines and flow assurance

  • Marine terminals and pipeline related facilities

  • Heavy oil upgrading

  • Oil sands and petroleum refining including clean fuels

  • Onshore oil & gas production

  • Offshore oil & gas production

    • Arctic and extreme cold

    • Brownfield integration

    • Deep water and subsea

    • Fixed topsides production systems

    • Floating production systems

  • Marine terminals and LNG regasification terminals

Sulfur Recovery

Offering the most recent advancements in sulfur recovery processing, we provide turnkey packages for projects ranging from small, modular units to large, world-class facilities.

In addition to providing new sulfur units, our expertise enables clients with existing units to enhance sulfur recovery efficiency, improve and maintain unit reliability and on-stream time, increase sulfur recovery unit processing capacity and satisfy local/state/federal environmental regulations.

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Sustaining Capital Projects

We deliver full-service EPC services for brownfield small capital projects, offering innovative solutions to keep facilities running reliably, safely and cost-effectively. Our expertise and proven work processes enable us to scale project execution to meet client needs, regardless of project size.

Our regional offices provide cost-competitive, local solutions for plant engineering and small capital, brownfield projects. Teams leverage our global subject matter experts, innovative tools and data analytics for quick and flexible responses to client needs.

Utilities & Offsites

With utilities and offsite (U&O) support facilities constituting anywhere from 20% to 50% of a project's total installed cost, we recognize the importance of efficient, cost-effective U&O management. That's why we offer our expertise in the conceptual design, expansion and long-range planning of utilities and offsites.

The main U&O systems include:


  • Air systems: instrument and utility air

  • Cooling water

  • Fuel systems: natural or fuel gas

  • Nitrogen / inerts

  • Power generation

  • Steam generation

  • Water systems: BFW, utility water, potable water, demineralized water and condensate


  • Firewater systems

  • Flare systems

  • Flushing oil

  • Interconnecting piping

  • Loading / unloading

  • Tankage & storage: atmospheric, pressure and refrigerated

  • Waste water treatment

Our U&O experience offers clients a variety of features to address individual project needs. Acting as the project manager, we are capable of executing and integrating the work of various onsite unit designs as well as troubleshooting and analyzing complex U&O problems.

Several of Fluor's technical experts are recognized within the U&O industry and actively serve on the AIChE and API committees.

Building A Sustainable Future

As the world demands cleaner, lower carbon energy and fuels, Fluor is proud to offer solutions. Our expertise includes renewable fuels and chemicals, hydrogen, clean power, sustainable aviation fuel, energy storage, the battery value chain and carbon reduction.

LNG Canada Export Facility

Client: LNG Canada
Location: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

In October 2018, LNG Canada made a final investment decision to build its liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada. The project represents the largest energy investment in Canadian history.

The LNG export facility will liquefy surplus Canadian natural gas so it can be safely exported to help meet global energy demands. Fluor's joint venture partnership with JGC Corporation will provide engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction for the project.