Canterra Energy Ltd.
Ram River, Alberta, Canada

Canterra Gas Plant Expansion

Fluor provided engineering, procurement, and construction services to Canterra Energy Ltd. for a major gas plant expansion at the Canterra facility in Ram River, Alberta, Canada.

At completion, the processing capacity at this plant was upgraded by 200 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) to 630 mmscfd.

Client's Challenge

Canterra Energy Ltd. had a requirement to expand the capacity of its gas plant in Ram River.

One of the challenges presented by the project was the need to identify and alleviate treating capacity problems in the high-pressure amine contactors in the existing plant.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor's scope of work for the revamp included inlet separation, sweetening, dew point control, and offsite facilities.

Fluor also installed three gas turbine-driven centrifugal compressors and a waste heat recovery system.

To meet the challenge presented with the high-pressure amine contactors, Fluor provided an innovative solution that used a separate low-pressure amine contactor to treat the sour fuel gas and consequently, help unload the high-pressure equipment.



Fluor used innovative techniques to meet the challenge with the high-pressure amine contactors in the existing plant.

Fluor completed the project under budget and ahead of schedule.