Fluor Compliance and Ethics Hotline

Fluor values open and transparent communication. Fluor expects employees and business partners to report known or suspected misconduct involving Fluor, even if they are in no way involved with the misconduct itself. The company can only do something about misconduct if it knows about it.

When concerns about integrity arise, we encourage employees to go to their supervisors, local Human Resources managers, or other Fluor Subject Matter Experts. If their integrity concerns are not resolved, or they do not feel comfortable discussing them with anyone within the company, they can report their concern by phone or Internet to the Fluor Compliance and Ethics Hotline. Fluor employees can find additional information on how to report integrity concerns in Fluor's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Fluor suppliers, contractors, and other business partners can also report any business conduct and ethics concern via the Fluor Compliance and Ethics Hotline. Fluor suppliers, contractors, and their employees can find additional information on how to report integrity concerns involving Fluor in Fluor's Business Conduct and Ethics Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors.

The Fluor Compliance and Ethics Hotline is managed by a third party company and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with translation/interpretation support in over 180 languages. Anonymous reports may be made where local law permits.

Fluor investigates all Hotline reports and is committed to maintaining confidentiality. Fluor's Hotline allows anonymous communication between reporter and investigator.

Corporate Investigations handles all compliance and ethics investigations with oversight from the Chief Compliance Officer. Investigators keep reporters informed during the investigation, including when the reporter is anonymous. Fluor strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report.

The Compliance & Ethics Council reviews the status and disposition of reported ethics and compliance concerns.

Corporate Compliance reviews and updates the reporting and investigation guidelines at a minimum every three years or in response to any changes required by law.