U.S. Army
Rock Island, IL, U.S.

U.S. Army Rock Island Arsenal - Base Operations Services

Fluor serves as the managing partner in a joint venture that provides facility management and site services at U.S. Army Garrison Rock Island Arsenal, the largest U.S. Government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal.

The Rock Island Arsenal is the only U.S. Army facility assembling tool sets, kits, and outfits to support equipment in the field. The Arsenal manufactures gun mounts, recoil mechanisms, artillery carriages, and other combat equipment. The Arsenal is comprised of 310 buildings housing 90 tenant organizations.

Client's Challenge

The Army needs dependable base operations support for all utility services, emergency response, unscheduled services, building maintenance, production control, housing, and roads and grounds maintenance.

Any disruption in operations at this facility would delay or prevent the critical logistics and manufacturing being performed in support of the U.S. Military. The Rock Island Arsenal also provides housing for military personnel both on- and off-base as well as realty support for off-post housing.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor's 130 support personnel operate and maintain the Rock Island Arsenal's hydroelectric plant that provides one-third of the electricity used at the Arsenal. Fluor also operates and maintains key Arsenal features including; the overhead electrical distribution system; the steam generation plant (providing steam for heating and manufacturing); the water treatment plant (capable of producing over 1,000,000 gallons of potable water per day for personnel and manufacturing); and the 100-year-old swing span bridge that provides vehicle and rail passage over the Mississippi River.

Fluor's unscheduled services department ensures contracts are delivered to the Client in a timely manner and meet budgetary constraints. Fluor provides for operations, maintenance, repairs, alteration, and minor construction on real property facilities and installed equipment.



The U.S. Army benefits from Fluor's ability to respond on a moment's notice, utilizing its resources, operations knowledge, and vendor base established in the eleven years Fluor has been on the Rock Island Arsenal as Base Operations Contractor. This includes being on the front line during the three last major floods, taking the lead on directing contractors and reporting to the Client on the status of levees and resources.

Fluor provides environmental management support in the collection of data to support the Client's ability to receive air emission permits required to operate all particulate emitting equipment used in the manufacturing of war-critical supplies.