U.S. Army
Kabul, Afghanistan

U.S. Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP IV)

Under the U.S. Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP IV), Fluor provided the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Coalition Forces, and Federal inter-agencies with multi-functional logistical services during contingency operations worldwide to support U.S. national strategic objectives.

Client's Challenge

The U.S. Army relies on commercial contractors to provide non-combat support services to deployed U.S. DoD forces and other government agencies. Contractors must be capable of mobilizing thousands of personnel, support equipment, and supplies virtually anywhere in the world on very short notice.

The nature of the services includes providing logistics, base-camp construction, housing, transportation, fuel, meals, laundry, and recreation. Outsourcing of these services enables the military to focus on its core mission.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor combined our global network of offices and resources with the experienced staff of our Mission Solutions business to support U.S. military operations. By leveraging the additional capabilities of our subcontractors and vendors, Fluor was prepared to quickly respond to the DoD’s need, providing services anywhere, any time. Drawing from experience supporting operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and across the globe, Fluor provided the DoD high confidence in low-risk execution.

Under the LOGCAP IV contract, Fluor provided multi-functional base life support and combat services support (CSS) to the U.S. and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. The Fluor team was co-located with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, where the team coordinated, provided oversight, and implemented Fluor’s execution plan to provide the necessary resources and labor to accomplish this mission.

Fluor simultaneously constructed and managed the expansion of various Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in southern Afghanistan. This included the construction of a bases to accommodate up to 17,000 to 20,000 U.S. military personnel. The urgent nature of the mission to expand the bases in front of a planned force deployment placed the project on the Army's critical path schedule.

At peak operations, Fluor:

  • Operated 76 Forward Operating Bases
  • Employed 26,000 staff
  • Supported more than 100,000 troops
  • Served 191,000 meals per day



Fluor supported the Army’s LOGCAP operations in Afghanistan for 12 years. While the LOGCAP IV contract has ended, Fluor continues to support the U.S. government in some of the most difficult and remote locations around the world including in Africa through the LOGCAP V contract.