U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Camp Adder Iraq Power Plant - Operations and Maintenance

In remote and desolate south-central Iraq, 310 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, Fluor provided operations, maintenance, and repairs for a 12.8 MW power plant and electrical distribution system that supplies power to the U.S. Army's Camp Adder.

Client's Challenge

In line with their Campaign Plan for 2010, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) prepared for contingencies and provided support to combat and disaster operations through forward deployed and reach back capabilities. One of the important capabilities that they provided was power support services.

The vehicle the USACE chose for providing power support services was the Worldwide Power Contingency Response contract, under which Fluor could be called on to provide equipment and support services for conflict environments and disaster relief situations anywhere in the world.

A task order under the contract was issued to Fluor for the operation, maintenance, and repair of a power plant recently built at Camp Adder, Iraq, a remote location known for oppressive heat (120+ degrees in the shade) and where everything that does not move is covered in a grayish-brown, powdery dust.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor provided qualified staff trained in power generation maintenance for the Camp Adder power plant.

A lack of commissioning and test documentation initially prevented the newly built 12.5 MW power plant and an associated 11 kV medium voltage distribution system from fulfilling its mission to operate continuously and power a dining facility, several life support areas, and a fuel storage area farm. To make up for the shortfall, Fluor personnel performed technical inspections on all equipment of the power plant and provided a punch list of deficiencies to the Client, enabling them to have the deficiencies corrected at no additional cost under the power plant builder's warranty.

Commissioned in December 2010, the power plant was under Fluor's supervision where we operated, maintained, and repaired the power plant and distribution system 24/7/365. Generator malfunctions or breakdowns were responded to by Fluor's staff in 30 minutes or less. Fluor also built a life support area and office complex to accommodate its staff on site.

In an assessment of Fluor's work at Camp Adder, the customer stated, “Fluor is a responsible, responsive, and reliable contractor”. In addition, our performance was rated "Excellent” in all categories, from standards of workmanship to price.


At the remote location that is Camp Adder, Iraq, Fluor rose to the challenge to help the USACE provide support to the U.S. Army in an extreme contingency environment.

Fluor's Government Group Power Division stands ever ready to mobilize rapidly and provide additional power support services in the form of qualified personnel, rental generators, high voltage transmission, power plant installation, transmission poles, and overhead and underground distribution to support the USACE during conflict circumstances or natural disasters anywhere in the world.