Marathon Oil Company
Cook Inlet, AK, U.S.

Trading Bay Production Facility Modifications

​Fluor was awarded the work scope for major modifications to Marathon's Trading Bay production facility. The original plant was completed by Fluor in 1970.

With the new modifications, the plant had a liquid recovery capacity of 54.7 million standard cubic feet per day.

Client's Challenge

​The original production facility employed a turbo-expander for liquid extraction from field gas. The modifications were intended to increase liquid recovery capacity.

Fluor's Solution

​Due to the extreme location and weather environment, the Alaskan construction season is drastically shortened. To deliver the cost and compressed schedule requirements, Fluor maximized the use of off-site fabrication and modular construction.

As in the first plant, most of the new vessels, coolers, piping modules and compressor engines were mounted on skids or otherwise packaged in Houston to allow quick installation. When the shipments arrived in Alaska, they were loaded onto barges and towed to the Trading Bay job site. At high tide, the barges were beached nearby. Bulldozers then built ramps out of beach sand, over which the equipment was offloaded and skidded to the site.​

In September, the original compressors were shut down to allow tie-in of the new equipment, and the completed plant was reached start up less than two weeks later.


​The facility modifications were completed in 1972.​