Shell Canada Resources Ltd.
Edson, Alberta, Canada

Shell Canada Sour Gas Plant

​Shell Canada contracted Fluor for engineering, procurement and construction management services of a grassroots gas treating facility.

The facility will process 50 million standard cubic feet per day of sour gas. In addition, approximately 250 barrels per day of stabilized condensate and 150 LTD of sulphur will be processed.

Client's Challenge

​Due to the facility's remote location, a combination of electric motors and steam turbines were incorporated into the design, along with emergency power generation, to enable the plant to operate at design capacity during a power outage. To accommodate varying sales gas demand, the plant was designed to operate with a turndown capacity of 30% of inlet gas.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor's responsibilities included the engineering, procurement and construction management of this facility, as well as start-up assistance. To expedite the site work in northwest Alberta, Fluor subcontracted construction of the facility to Alberta-based contractors.

The work performed by Fluor included inlet separation, stabilization, produced water handling, sulfinol treating, dew point control, sulphur recovery and associated utilities.


​The plant was completed within budget and on time to meet Shell's gas contract commitments.​