California Agricultural Power
Fresno, CA, U.S.

California Agricultural Power Madera Biomass Power Plant - EPC

The 25 MW facility generates electricity through the incineration of 750 tons per day of agricultural waste and waste paper.

Fluor was responsible for engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the plant.

Client's Challenge

Agricultural waste (almond tree prunings, cotton stalks, and wheat straw) is burned in a fluidized bed combustion boiler. The boiler sends 900-psig steam through a condensing steam turbine generator to produce power.

The plant includes systems for water and wastewater treatment, cooling water, material handling, and ash handling.

A distributed control system in the turbine building allows operators to control and monitor the various process streams, change the set points, and receive alarm signals from within the plant.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor completed the Madera plant six months ahead of schedule.

The 3D computerized Plant Design System used by Fluor engineers for early design minimized field rework, essential for early completion.

Construction time was also reduced by using of a modularized boiler and bag house, as well as a prefabricated turbine building that required only assembly in the field.

Prefabricated piping and equipment also facilitated early completion.


Through the efforts of two Fluor offices and innovative design and construction planning, Fluor completed the 25 MW power generation facility six months ahead of schedule so it could begin sending power to Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

The Madera Electric Power Plant was named “Engineering Project of the Year” by the Orange County, California Engineering Council.