Engen Petroleum
Durban, South Africa

Engen Petroleum Refinery Partnership for Capital Projects - EPC

In the late 1990s, Engen Petroleum selected Fluor as its partner in performing all capital work at the Durban refinery, from conceptualization through the construction of projects. The work covers all disciplines and also includes training, commissioning, and handover to operations.

In 2002, the Fluor / Engen Refinery partnership was presented with a Projects & Systems award for its crude furnace from the South African Institute of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE). Among the criteria for the award was the degree of South African expertise in the design and construction, and environmental sensitivity.

The crude furnace is the largest on the African continent and has allowed Engen Refinery to enjoy the lowest SO2 emissions of any crude oil refinery in South Africa. The award was presented at the 110th anniversary celebration of the SAIMechE in Durban.

Client's Challenge

Based in Africa, Engen is a downstream company specializing in refining crude oil and marketing the resultant products. Engen Petroleum is owned by Petronas.

Petronas, the national oil company of Malaysia, is among the largest oil and gas corporations in the world.

The capacity of the multiproduct refinery in Durban is 105,000 barrels per day.

Fluor's Solution

The partnership team and structure at Engen Refinery is one of the most advanced partnering models worldwide, with total integration of all personnel and functions. Fluor personnel are assigned to Engen function positions.

Many successful projects and achievements bear testimony to the benefits of the progressive approach that Engen has adopted. In addition, Engen efficiently manages the risks of each investment, be it equipment, a program, or an environmental improvement.


The partnership of Fluor and Engen continues to be supported by the long-standing relationship between the two companies and the completion of many successful projects over more than 10 years, most notably the RCR and REX projects.

Although many projects, including maintenance turnarounds, have been carried out while the oil refinery is in operation, Fluor's safety record has remained excellent.