Iberdrola Renewables
Pinal County, AZ, U.S.

Iberdrola Copper Crossing Solar Power Plant Construction

Fluor constructed the Copper Crossing plant on 144 acres of formerly private agricultural land. The developer was Iberdrola Renewables, a leader in developing solar power projects. Iberdrola also owns and operates the plant. Under a long-term contract, the electricity is sold to Salt River Project, a utility provider, for distribution.

The project marks Fluor's re-entry into the commercial-scale photovoltaic (PV) market when Fluor, in 1985, provided engineering, procurement, and construction services to ARCO Solar Power for the world's first PV power plant.

Client's Challenge

The Copper Crossing 20-megawatt solar power project was constructed using two distinct tracker systems with two different size panels. The first 12MW were constructed using the SunPower® T0 Tracker system combined with 320-watt panels. The second 8MW were constructed using the SunPower Oasis® power plant combined with 425-watt panels. This was the first installation of the plant, which contains a solar power block that contains fully integrated modules, trackers, and inverters.

It is engineered so that utility-scale solar projects can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively. Another SunPower Oasis feature is that the amount of land needed for installation is less than that required for traditional equipment.

The power plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 375,000 metric tons over the next 25 years, equivalent to about 4,500 fewer vehicles on the road each year.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor's primary objective was to assist the Client in accomplishing its operational and business goal of completing the first Oasis plant installation effectively. Having supported the Client in a number of areas since 2009, Fluor was selected to assist in the realization of this new 20-megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant power plant.

To keep the schedule on track, the project team carefully managed all logistical concerns, including the delivery and installation of 66,000 PV solar panels mounted on thousands of tracker systems, the coordinated construction effort of driving more than 13,000 piers and other challenges associated with constructing during the hot Arizona summer.

Arizona's sunny climate and vast undeveloped land provided an ideal setting for the SunCrossing solar PV power plant. The project not only stimulated the local economy by using local resources and companies during construction, but will continue to provide power to local residents and schools at a fixed price for the next five years.



Fluor completed the installation of the Copper Crossing project late 2011 for Iberdrola Renewables, meeting the rigorous five-month construction schedule.

The Copper Crossing Solar Ranch project demonstrates Fluor's ability to apply its global resources and expertise to emerging markets and become an active participant in the changing power industry.