Maricopa County, AZ, U.S.

Arizona Hazardous Waste Management Facility

Fluor performed detailed engineering on a grassroots hazardous waste management facility in Maricopa County, Arizona. ENSCO, Inc., holder of a national permit to incinerate certain toxic wastes, will own and operate the plant under contract to the State of Arizona.  The ENSCO facility provides the State of Arizona with a centralized incineration facility for use by all of the state's industry.

This milestone environmental project will consist of three incinerator trains, warehousing, laboratory, automated feed facilities (liquid and solid), tank farm, associated offsite and utility systems, a brine plant, solidification facilities and a landfill. The facility will utilize many proprietary processes and mechanical equipment unique to ENSCO.

Client's Challenge

​The project site is in a remote area of the Arizona desert approximately 70 miles from Phoenix. The area did not have the utilities or infrastructure to support an incineration project of this size.

ENSCO's main objective was to get the facility on-line and to meet the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) destruction and removal efficiency requirements within a set time frame. Additionally, budget constraints required that certain designated facilities be identified and that work on these items had to be defined to a later time period.

Fluor's Solution

​The ENSCO project provided a unique set of challenges. The project was begun by other contractors, and Fluor was hired to complete the design and to make modifications under a very fast track schedule. The plant capacity was increased, and the incinerator feed mechanisms in the existing design had to be modified.

To facilitate the fast-track schedule expectations and project communication, Fluor established an onsite engineering team supported by the design staff. Prior to initiation of the detailed design effort, Fluor provided assistance with modifications to the RCRA Part B permit and associated trial burn plan in response to regulatory review. Fluor compiled equipment and data sheets and piping and instrumentation lists and provided assistance in procurement of equipment prior to construction.


​ENSCO commended Fluor's performance on the Arizona project, noting that the level of effort expended in dealing with problems and obstacles was exemplary, and that the consistency of policy, procedure, organization, professionalism and competence was best-in-class​.​