U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Idaho Falls, ID, U.S.

U.S. DOE Idaho Cleanup Project Core Contract (ICP Core)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) selected Fluor Idaho, LLC, to support the department's cleanup mission at the Idaho Site under a five-year Idaho Cleanup Project Core Contract (ICP Core). The 890-square-mile Idaho Site is located in the eastern Idaho high desert, 38 miles west of Idaho Falls.

The latest project in Fluor's 50-year history with the Idaho Site, the environmental cleanup will remove radioactive waste from the site, protecting water sources serving the local population. Fluor Idaho began site cleanup work in June 2016, with project completion scheduled for 2020.

The Idaho Site was selected by the Idaho Governor's Office of Energy and Mineral Resources as the recipient of the 2016 Governor's Award for Leadership in Energy Efficiency. The award recognizes Fluor Idaho's successes in reducing energy use and environmental impacts at the site.

Client's Challenge

The DOE's Idaho cleanup involves the safe environmental remediation of the Idaho Site, including dispositioning transuranic waste, spent nuclear fuel storage and high-level radioactive waste processing. The mission supports multiple national and state regulatory agreements, including the 1995 Idaho Settlement Agreement.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor Idaho consolidated the previous Idaho Cleanup Project and the Advance Mixed Waste Treatment Project contracts into a single, streamlined organization. Safety-driven production operations, strong program leadership and clearly defined goals will enable Fluor Idaho to meet and accelerate project milestones.

Fluor Idaho began cleanup efforts in June 2016, achieving a significant cleanup accomplishment by September 2016 that further protects the underlying Snake River Plain Aquifer, the primary drinking and irrigation water source for more than 300,000 Idahoans.

Workers recently satisfied a provision of a 2008 agreement among the DOE, state of Idaho and Environmental Protection Agency by packaging a total of 7,485 cubic meters of exhumed hazardous and radioactive waste. The waste was generated at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production plant near Denver and was then buried in Idaho in the 1950s and 1960s.

To complete the 2008 agreement, just two of nine different areas within the 97-acre Subsurface Disposal Area are left to be exhumed. The waste exhumation project is targeting removal of the highest concentrations of solvents and transuranic radionuclides buried in the landfill. As of September 2016, Fluor Idaho crews are 56 percent complete on the eighth area, and expect to begin waste exhumation work on the ninth and final area in 2017.

Fluor Idaho, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fluor, leads a team that includes subcontractors CH2M and Waste Control Specialists, LLC, and Idaho-based small businesses North Wind Inc., and Portage, Inc.



The DOE selected Fluor Idaho to safely integrate, accelerate, and deliver the Idaho Site cleanup mission under the five-year Idaho Cleanup Project Core Contract. The project is the latest in Fluor's 50-year history with the Idaho Site​ community. Work is scheduled for completion in 2020.