Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Gas Storage Bergermeer

The project comprises modifications to an existing well site and the construction of a new gas treatment facility. TAQA is building the facilities to store gas when demand is low and produce gas when demand is high. Fluor is providing engineering, procurement, and construction management services.

Because the reservoir is located in a populated and environmentally sensitive area between Alkmaar and Bergen, the gas treatment plant cannot be built at the well site directly above the reservoir. Instead, it will be built in the Boekelermeer industrial area southeast of Alkmaar, approximately 8 kilometers away from the well site. Two 30-inch pipelines (installed by others) will bring the gas to and from the reservoir.

Fluor's Scope of Work

The storage site is an existing gas reservoir. Conversion of the reservoir into a gas storage facility involves the modification of 6 existing wells into one site to accommodate 14 new wells, for a total of 20.

The injection facilities comprise six 10-MW centrifugal compressors; the treatment facilities contain two dew point correction units (silica gel).

TAQA and Fluor conducted a value engineering exercise that reduced the project budget considerably. Subsequently, Fluor updated the FEED package before starting the EPC phase. The first task was to modify the systems at the existing well site to enable TAQA to continue injecting cushion gas into the underground reservoir during construction.


Fluor is providing engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the well site, the gas treatment plant, and peak gas installation tie-ins.

Gas Storage Bergermeer will be the largest open-access gas storage in Europe, with a working capacity of 4.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas atop the 4.3 billion cubic meters of cushion gas (which stays in the reservoir to achieve an economical operating pressure).

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