Texaco, Inc.
Convent, LA, U.S.

Texaco Refinery Modernization

​Fluor provided engineering and procurement for a modernization of Texaco's Convent, Louisiana refinery.

The modernization project combined an H-Oil® unit with a hydrogen generating unit and utilized the Texaco Synthesis Gas Generation Process, converting heavy fractions into more valuable products. 

Client's Challenge

​The H-Oil process is licensed by Hydrocarbon Research Inc. and Texaco Development Corporation, who for the first time designed the H-Oil unit for very high conversion of vacuum resid. The unconverted bottoms were processed in a partial oxidation unit to economically produce the large volumes of hydrogen required.

No coke, fuel oil or other heavy material was produced at this very high conversion rate. Cracking with hydrogen gave Texaco flexibility in choosing feedstocks.

Fluor's Solution

​Elsewhere in the refinery, Fluor performed services for the reformer and fluid catalytic cracking units, the sulfur plant and offsites. Fluor also engineered a crude unit that is unique in its degree of heat integration and energy conservation. Its heat requirements were roughly 25% less than most other typical crude units built at the time, a fuel-saving step forward.


​The refinery modernization project was completed in 1984. Overall, the project represented a significant advancement in refining t​echnology.