Shantou Ocean (Group) Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Shantou, Guangdong Province, China

Shantou Polystyrene Project

Shantou Ocean Services contracted with Fluor to employ Fina's (polystyrene supplier) proven continuous polymerization technology on Shantou's new plant. Fluor provided process design, engineering, procurement, and construction management services for Shantou Ocean's facility. The facility houses two polystyrene production lines, each capable of producing 25,000 tons per year of general purpose and high-density polystyrene.

Fluor also supplied inside battery limit equipment and material and provided specialists for critical equipment installations and start-ups.

Chinese and American technical personnel worked together to successfully complete the facility. Fluor supervised more than 400 local Chinese craft workers and the Chinese construction brigade responsible for most of the equipment installation.

Fluor completed the project under budget and within schedule. The new plant aided Shantou Ocean in becoming the leading polystyrene supplier in China at the time. Since completion of the facility, production capacity has increased.