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Engineering, Construction and Project Management for the Chemicals Industry

For more than 75 years, Fluor has served a wide variety of chemicals industry clients around the world. We offer a full range of services from conceptual design through engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). Clients rely on our experience providing process technology and project management solutions to complete projects successfully with cost and schedule certainty.

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Fluor delivers solutions for chemical and petrochemical projects around the world, with a proven record of managing fast-track, cost-driven projects on multi-billion-dollar programs.

Clients benefit from our extensive experience in plant utilities and offsites, regulatory and environmental permitting requirements, community and indigenous engagement, capital cost estimation, equipment procurement, module fabrication and project planning and scheduling. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and complex organic intermediates

  • Ethylene and derivatives

  • Aromatics and derivatives

  • Engineering plastics

  • Biofuels

  • Methanol

Chemicals & Plastics Recycling

With deep EPC experience in the chemicals and polymers market, Fluor supports clients in all methods of recycling. In particular, we deliver exceptional value in developing and implementing chemicals (tertiary) recycling to advance the chemicals circular economy.

As chemical and plastic recycling technologies are further developed, we work with our clients to address scalability challenges in moving from concept to commercial operations.

Green & Sustainable Chemicals

Fluor supports clients in developing and implementing all methods of green chemicals production including using renewable feedstocks, green processes, recycling and asset decarbonization. We scale first-of-a-kind technologies for demonstration and commercial-scale facilities to fit our clients' needs.

Every year, we execute hundreds of studies, including cost estimates that provide the information our clients need to validate commercial and execution objectives. We have worked with several clients and licensors in the past decade to deploy green and/or blue carbon-free methanol and ammonia solutions.


As a leader in the polysilicon marketplace, Fluor has experience executing numerous polysilicon projects around the world – in Norway, Singapore, Spain and the United States. With the expertise and global resources to deliver fast-track polysilicon projects, we were able to build one of the world's largest polysilicon projects in China valued at more than $1 billion.

We integrate our Global Execution Centers, design institutes and technology vendors to deliver quality facilities. Clients in this marketplace depend on us as the contractor of choice and single point of responsibility for the entire photovoltaic value chain.