Mobil Australia Ltd.
Port Stanvac and Altona, Victoria, Australia

Mobil Australia Port Stanvac and Altona Oil Refinery Facilities Projects

At Port Stanvac, a Fluor Joint Venture provided an isomerisation unit to upgrade the octane rating of light virgin naphtha (LVN) as part of Australia's move to lead-free petrol. This project included a revamp of a catalytic reformer unit.

Fluor provided engineering and construction management services for a new bitumen plant, a fuel gas project that increased production of liquefied petroleum gas and a vacuum stripper that improved the value of by-products. Fluor later added a fourth methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) dewaxing filter.

At Altona, Fluor projects included engineering, procurement and construction of a new Lo-Cat sulphur plant, additional crude storage facilities, the conversion of a preheater into a catalytic naphtha hydrotreater to stabilise diesel fuels, and upgrades of the amine unit, the No. 2 Crude Unit and metering.