Shanbally, Ireland

Pfizer MAbs Monoclonal Antibody Small-Scale Facility - Engineering & Procurement

Fluor provided a study, engineering, and procurement services to Pfizer for the company's Small-Scale MAbs Facility in Shanbally, Ireland.

Client's Challenge

Pfizer's MAbs SSF is a Phase III clinical trial and initial product launch facility to manufacture, purify, formulate, and bulk fill mammalian cell culture-derived protein. The design of the facility provides for maximum flexibility, using disposable bag technology.

The facility produces an unspecified generic cell culture-derived proteins for clinical testing and product launch.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor performed a study and provided conceptual, preliminary, and detailed engineering design, as well as procurement services for Pfizer's facility.

Fluor implemented value engineering on the project, and Pfizer accepted ideas totaling $4.6 million in savings, a 2.3 percent reduction in total installed cost.


Fluor completed the project in 2008.

Pfizer was awarded the ISPE Facility of the Year Award for Sustainability in 2010.