Anzoategui, Venezuela

Mobil/Pequiven José Petrochemical Complex - Engineering

Fluor, Snamprogetti, and Tecnofluor contracted with Mobil / Pequiven to complete front-end engineering and capital cost estimating services for the José Petrochemical Complex.

Major petrochemical process units included ethylene 750,000 metric tons per annum (MTA), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) 300,000 MTA, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 200,000 MTA, and ethylene glycol 400,000 MTA.

The José Olefin Complex received an Independent Project Analysis “Best in Class” rating of 4.25. Instrumental in assigning the rating was the fact, cited by the IPA, that Fluor and Snamprogetti brought the project through front-end loading (FEL) in 11 months compared to the industry average of 16 months.

The José Olefin Project also incorporated 11 of 12 possible Value Improving Practices (92 percent). Each practice enhanced the quality of project definition.