Offshore 425km north of Broome, WA, Australia

Browse FLNG Development

Fluor provided a high-quality front-end engineering and design (FEED) package for Woodside, consisting of two bridge-connected gas processing platforms as part of the overall Browse FLNG JPP Development. With more than 50,000 tons of topsides, this represents a world-class offshore facility.

Client's Challenge

Woodside awarded the FEED contract to Fluor in search of innovative design solutions that would help reduce the overall weight and cost of the pre-FEED design already developed.

The project had to meet Safety Case requirements and prove that the facility was designed to be “as safe as reasonably practical.”

Fluor's Solution

Fluor performed FEED for the offshore central gas processing platforms, including numerous layout improvements that helped reduce the size and weight of the platforms. Alternate designs were quickly evaluated using Fluor's proprietary 3D design tool, and the resulting PDMS 3D model was very detailed and complete in order to facilitate future detailed design.  Multiple Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) and safety reviews were conducted to optimize the design, and a value awareness program was used to capture and document over US $230 million in potential cost savings without compromising safety or operability.

Fluor received recognition for producing a “Best in Class” FEED design. The design improvements made in the areas of hazard mitigation, operability and reduced maintenance costs were significant, along with the layout improvements and equipment optimizations.


A high-quality FEED package was produced for an optimized platform facility design. This FEED design was produced on schedule and under the project budget, in more detail than originally anticipated.

This project won the Fluor Hugh K. Coble Award for Project Excellence, and all parties involved with this effort consider it a success.