Mobil Oil Company
Rio Ubani, Nigeria

Mobil NGL Recovery Project

​Mobil Oil Company awarded Fluor the project scope to perform a lump sum, bid package for the engineering of an offshore dehydration platform, a submarine pipeline reaching the shore, a turbo-expander gas plant for propane and butane recovery products, pipelines, a marine storage facility to provide refrigerated storage for propane and butane and a tanker loading jetty.

Client's Challenge

​The NGL Recovery Project was the follow-on scope from an earlier project called OSO, which was a similar lump sum package for an offshore production platform. The project took the associated gas from oil production from the platform, brought it back to shore, and then piped the residue gas back offshore, reinjecting it into the subsea oil fields.

Fluor's Solution

Based on Fluor's successful execution of the earlier OSO project, Fluor began work on the NGL Recovery Project in 1992 to develop the basic engineering and fully define the scope.​ Both Mobil and Fluor project staff were set-up on the same computer network. The project was one of the first to utilize a paperless approach, with all correspondence and periodic reports available electronically, reducing time and cost.

An important human resource aspect of this work effort was to hire and collaborate with local Nigerians to develop as Mobil management for operational follow-on.​


​The project was successfully completed in March 1993.​