Kawasaki Caribe Corporation
Guayanilla, Puerto Rico

Kawasaki Caribe Corporation Isoprene Extraction Plant

​Kawasaki Caribe Corporation awarded Fluor Caribe the construction of a greenfield isoprene extraction plant to be built in Guayanilla in Puerto Rico. The isoprene product produced is a major component of butyl rubber, which is used in the production of tires.

Client's Challenge

​The project scope was complex in its geographical partner locations. The management required close coordination as a local Puerto Rican firm was responsible for the civil engineering, all equipment purchases were handled by Mitsubishi Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the process involved technology from Nippon Zeon Corporation.

Fluor's Solution

The construction effort on the Guayanilla site required over 700 personnel at its peak and a 60-member Houston-based engineering task force.


​The Kawasaki Isoprene Extraction plant was successfully completed in 22 months from contract signing and went into operation in August 1975.​