Hazelwood Power
La Trobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

Hazelwood Power Station Maintenance

On Fluor projects, CPI stands for Continuous Performance Improvement. By implementing CPI, Fluor was able to improve Hazelwood Power's operations. Fluor worked with Hazelwood Power to achieve cost reductions. In the first three years of the relationship, the 36-year-old Hazelwood Power Station achieved its best ever results. The company awarded Fluor its Contractor's Health and Safety Award twice and once, its Most Innovative Award.

Fluor's services covered maintenance of the brown coal-fired boilers and turbo generators and provided emergency teams to deal with plant failures. Hazelwood Power and Fluor introduced a focus on maintaining critical plant items, based on their measured conditions. Outages could be planned so that maintenance costs were more than offset by potential increases in revenue.

The contract optimized Hazelwood's profitability. The potential revenue from having units online at the right time was balanced with the cost of maintenance.

Fluor first began providing routine, defect and minor outage maintenance services to seven of Hazelwood Power's eight 200-megawatt generating units in the late 1990s.