Esso Australia, Ltd.
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Esso Australia Natural Gas Processing Plant

Fluor Australia Pty., Ltd. was awarded a contract by Esso Australia, Ltd. to design, engineer and procure facilities for a grassroots natural gas processing plant to be located at Gippsland in Victoria.

The plant produced ethane, propane and heavier hydrocarbons.

Client's Challenge

​The plant was designed for recovery at 300 million cubic feet per day and a maximum throughput of 400 million cubic feet per day.​

Fluor's Solution

​Fluor leveraged key engineering resources, with both the local office and the Houston, Texas office participating in the engineering and design phase.


​Engineering commenced in November 1972, with construction underway early January 1974 and project completion achieved in the spring of 1975.​