Frito-Lay, Inc.
Multiple Locations U.S. and Canada

Frito-Lay Alliance

Fluor began its working relationship with Frito-Lay, Inc. in 1978 providing construction services. In the 1980s, Fluor expanded its construction services to all Frito-Lay plant sites located across the U.S., which today includes over 26 manufacturing locations. In 1991, Fluor began executing engineering in addition to construction for Frito-Lay, and the relationship between Fluor and Frito-Lay grew into an alliance that is still strong today.

In the past five years, Fluor has provided engineering, procurement, construction and startup services for ten new production lines, including a new kettle chip line, fried and baked cheese puff lines, popcorn line, Funyuns line, potato chip and tortilla chip lines.

These projects have a decades-long history of utilizing construction innovations including self-perform and modular construction, providing a competitive advantage and delivering quality, on-time results to Frito-Lay.

Other areas of innovation are in welding, safety, planning, rigging, equipment installation, constructability and scheduling. Our teams always meet project schedules because we understand the critical importance of the service-to sales, market driven requirements of Frito-Lay's business needs.

Client's Challenge

Frito-Lay products are number one in the salty snack food market. Frito-Lay production facilities are currently located across 26 U.S. plant sites, including 5 Canadian locations. Fluor at one time or another has performed work at all plant locations.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor has worked on projects that encompass all Frito-Lay product lines, with scopes including new production lines, retrofitting, modifying and/or relocating existing lines, plant consolidations and building expansions.

As part of our integrated solutions approach, Fluor self-performs construction on all Frito-Lay work where possible, a standard since the 1980s that sets Fluor apart.

Frito-Lay projects also use modular construction. Specifying, procuring and installing equipment modules have been the norm for Frito-Lay execution the past 20 years. Modules relating to several aspects of production are installed, including fryer support modules, seasoning modules and corn cook modules, to name a few.

The Frito-Lay account is managed from our Greenville office, with support from other Fluor regional offices where Frito-Lay has a production facility.

Fluor's work with Frito-Lay has a reputation of being delivered safely while meeting schedule and budget requirements. These projects have received numerous safety awards and other recognition, including Fluor being named Supplier of the Year by Frito-Lay.


Fluor's recent potato chip line project for Frito-Lay is an example of one of the latest successful projects delivered over the last 37 years, and continues Fluor's safety legacy with the project achieving over 65,000 hours without a safety incident.

The potato chip project was brought to market 12 days ahead of schedule. The production line is one of the most advanced salty snack lines in the world.