Compton, CA, U.S.

PepsiCo Taco Bell 48-Hour Restaurant Rebuild - EPC

Fluor rebuilt a 1,987 square foot fast food restaurant in 48 hours after it had been destroyed by fire.

The standard schedule for constructing the restaurant building was 60 days.

Before the project began, Fluor conducted a dry run for the construction team. Every task was planned using sophisticated software. Fluor understood the importance of meeting the deadline to get employees back to work and benefits to the community.

Client's Challenge

Taco Bell and the City of Compton wanted to demonstrate their support of the community by quickly rebuilding the restaurant and the jobs it offered.

Fluor was selected as contractor only a few weeks before the project was scheduled to start.

PepsiCo Inc. was the parent of Taco Bell.

Fluor's Solution

The structure contained 65 seats and a 700-pound stainless steel food production line with ovens, water heaters, sinks, shelving, heated cabinets and sales computers.

More than 300 workers were involved in the effort.

Fluor's procurement included 750 pounds of nails and fasteners, 250 sheets of plywood, 26,000 board feet of other lumber, 2 miles of wire, 1/4 mile of pipe, 400 square feet of glass, and 37 gallons of "Taco Bell tan" paint.

The Fluor project scheduling software was not created for such a small and accelerated project, so some tasks that repeated at 15-minute intervals were scheduled in the software to repeat four times an hour.

The project manager organized a dry run before the project began. All the participants were ready to carry out the project as planned.

The result was a phenomenal team effort recognized not only as a project but also as a contribution to the community.


Tacos were served when the project was complete at 48 hours.

The Fluor project manager noted that in addition to scheduling software, which was vital, the key to success was the crew's effort.

Team members were inspired by the challenge of the rebuild and by its benefits to the recently devastated community.