CONUS Operations & Maintenance

Client: U.S. Government
Location: Multiple Locations

Executive Summary

Fluor provides secure facility operations, maintenance and security services including logistics, small construction and light renovations, construction management, security and public works services for the U.S. Government in multiple locations. Fluor works diligently to support its customers through transparent, repeatable and thorough processes and procedures tailored to their needs.

With a combination of institutional experience and industry best practices, Fluor successfully addresses the challenge of ensuring facilities and infrastructure are operated and maintained at maximum efficiency seven days a week, 365 days a year, and strives to reduce capital expenditures, increase productivity and improve operational performance while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Client's Challenge

The Intelligence Community is increasingly occupying complex, secure facilities and employing sophisticated technology for communications and control of crucial intelligence activities. To be successful, a facility management program must include a thorough understanding of precise requirements that enable facilities to remain functional for customers' mission objectives without interruption and with greater adaptability, flexibility and sustainability.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor's complete suite of facility management services is designed to protect and maximize the service life of clients' assets and to optimize the availability, longevity and safety of critical systems while maintaining a customer-focused approach. This is accomplished through an integrated life-cycle asset management approach, performance-based routine and preventive maintenance, and regular asset condition assessments and maintainability reviews.

Fluor employs a comprehensive set of best practices to predict major repairs and replacements, which include BestPLANTĀ®, Fluor's proprietary traditional practice in facility and systems maintenance. This practice is specifically designed to increase asset performance in concert with customers' needs.


As part of its whole life-cycle approach, Fluor has developed specific facility operations and maintenance (O&M) platforms for U.S. Government clients, offering a single, proven source for their routine and rehabilitation O&M needs.

Fluor's facility management expertise has been contracted on a wide range of U.S. Government projects and Fluor continues to seek new opportunities in which to successfully support customers' missions.