SCIF Construction and Renovation

Client: U.S. Government
Location: Multiple Locations

Executive Summary

Fluor self-performed the renovation and repair of a 7,500-square-foot Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Cleared Access Area within a United States Government facility that needed extensive updating and alterations. Fluor successfully took responsibility for and led project execution, quality control, safety management and project closeout.

To help reduce crew movements and maximize construction operations, Fluor implemented a scalable work team and an efficient construction sequencing system that was strategically staffed with qualified and cleared U.S. project management and construction personnel and skilled craft laborers.

Client's Challenge

Each SCIF space is unique. Understanding the existing space and customer needs is critical to a successful operational environment in each SCIF space. A skilled SCIF construction team that can renovate and upgrade existing facilities to strict ICD 705 standards that meet or exceed SCIF accreditation requirements improves project coordination and leads to on-time and on-budget delivery.

Fluor's Solution

For over 75 years, Fluor has been a trusted leader in government and national security projects, working with sensitive and confidential projects, and is skilled at interpreting and confirming customer requirements and standards. For this project, Fluor used a phased construction management approach to complete renovation and repair work on time and in strict compliance with all Intelligence Community standards and requirements.

Throughout the project's execution, multiple levels of security were required. All documents were sanitized in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Construction Security plan, and an accounting and document control system was established. A quality control system was implemented as part of Fluor's management approach to monitor and verify construction deliverables. Self and peer inspections were carried out throughout the project to ensure contract compliance, and final inspections conducted to ensure project completion. Fluor transferred materials at night and on weekends, allowing space to be used when needed with minimal disruption to the facility and no interruption to the site's mission.


This SCIF construction and renovation project was time-critical and extremely sensitive. Fluor's tried-and-true project management, quality standards, and rigorous safety requirements led to the successful renovation of 7,500 square feet of secure space while meeting or exceeding ICD 705 security regulations and standards. Fluor was able to address the customer's needs effectively and efficiently through a collaborative partnership and continuous communication to develop project parameters and controls, resulting in client satisfaction with project performance. Fluor's record of successes continues to grow as we stand ready to support U.S. Government missions globally.