Offshore Dongfang City, China

CNOOC Dongfang (DF) 13-2 Gas Fields Development Project

Fluor's fabrication yard joint venture COOEC-Fluor assembled two offshore modules for CNOOC's Dongfang (DF) 13-2 Gas Fields Development project. The modules include a new central platform and one wellhead platform, with a total tonnage of 19,100 metric tons.

The two platforms will make up a new offshore oil and gas production platform located in the western South China Sea, 132 kilometers west of Dongfang City in China's Hainan province.

Client's Challenge

CNOOC is the largest producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas in China and is one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration companies in the world. This project will support further natural gas development in the South China Sea.

CNOOC's DF 13-2 gas fields are a high-temperature and high-pressure natural gas reservoir, encompassing one central platform and two wellhead platforms, with 30 producing wells. Once in operation, the facility is expected to produce 43,400 barrels of oil equivalent per day at peak.


Fluor's Solution

​COOEC-Fluor was responsible for assembly, loadout and commissioning of the central platform and one wellhead platform for the DF 13-2 Gas Fields Development project. The project involved the installation of sophisticated equipment including turbines and compressors. COOEC-Fluor worked closely with CNOOC to carefully install the equipment and commission the modules.

The team optimized the schedule and workforce levels to mitigate procurement challenges and deliver the project in a capital efficient manner. More than 2,000 people assembled the project at peak, contributing 2.3 million work hours without a recordable incident. The team maintained extremely high quality and low weld reject rates. The project was completed on budget and on schedule.


COOEC-Fluor was responsible for assembling, loading out and commissioning a new central platform and new wellhead platform for CNOOC's DF 13-2 Gas Fields Development project.

Totaling 19,100 metric tons, the two units weigh about as much as 10,000 passenger cars. The central platform module is 96 meters high and larger than a soccer field at 115 meters in length and 46 meters wide.

The wellhead platform was loaded out from the COOEC-Fluor yard and delivered to its final location in the western South China Sea in October 2018. Assembly of the central equipment platform was completed in April 2019.