Union Electric Company
Callaway, MO, U.S.

Callaway Nuclear Power Generating Plant

Completed by Fluor in 1984, the 1150-megawatt Callaway nuclear power plant represented one of the largest and most complex challenges in the company's nuclear plant construction history to date. During the seven years from initial construction mobilization, more than 40 million man-hours of craft labor were expended.

Fluor Constructors International, Inc. (FCII) also performed maintenance and modification activities at the plant since commercial operation.

Client's Challenge

This facility is one of two built by Fluor under the Standardized Nuclear Unit Power Plant Syndicate concept. It required more than 40,000 drawings from design engineers and 50,000 drawings from vendors. The complexity and extent of the quality control and regulatory compliance procedures are reflected in the involvement of more than 50 federal, state and local agencies.

Callaway uses a pressurized water reactor system supplied by Westinghouse and a turbine generator from General Electric.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor executed the work under a project agreement with the local building trades, except for pipefitter craftwork, which was accomplished by Fluor. Manpower exceeded 2,700 craft and 1,200 on-site engineers, technicians and staff.

Callaway was the largest concrete pour in the history of Daniel Construction Company and one of the largest concrete pours in nuclear construction history at the time. Using an on-site batch plant, a two-conveyor system each placed 150 cubic yards per hour to complete the 154 feet diameter Unit 1 reactor base to 10 feet thick. In total over 7,000 cubic yards were laid in three days.

Major modifications performed by FCII include installation of permanent neutron shielding around the reactor vessel, and removal of resistance temperature detector (RTD) bypass piping. Maintenance activities have included reactor vessel removal and reinstallation, steam generator primary manway removal and reinstallation, and in-service inspection support.



Since commercial start-up, the plant has established a number of records for performance and has consistently been one of the most reliable generating facilities of its kind in the United States.