Alrar, Algeria

Alrar Gas Treating and Recycling Project

​The Sonatrach Alrar Gas Treating and Recycling Project, engineered and designed by Fluor, includes extensive gas gathering and distribution systems.

These pipeline systems, located in remote eastern Algeria, deliver feed gas to the Alrar Gas Treating Plant and distribute products from the plant to their desired destinations.​

Client's Challenge

​Two main pipelines are included in the system. The Stah/Mereksen Pipeline, 60 kilometers long and 16 inches in diameter, transports gas from two producing fields to the Alrar plant. The pipeline is designed for a pressure of 96.7 bars at 71.1 degrees C. A 10-inch diameter, 45-kilometer condensate pipeline runs between Alrar and an existing pipeline at Ohanet. Designed for a pressure of approximately 69 bars, it can deliver up to 11,300 Nm3/day of hydrocarbon condensate.

The gas gathering system at the Alrar field collects gas, which is corrosive due to the presence of carbon dioxide and free water, from 22 production wells and delivers it to the treating plant battery limits. The approximate total length of the gathering system is 75 kilometers. Pipe diameters range in size from 30 inches at the plant inlet to 14 and 16 inches at individual trunk branches.

A gas reinjection system delivers dry residue gas from the treating plant for injection into 23 field wells through a network of pipelines and headers. With an approximate length of 63 kilometers, the system is designed for pressure of 320 bars.

The pipeline facilities feature a comprehensive telecontrol-telecommunications system. This system telemeasures flow rate, pressure and temperature. It also provides direct access between the treating plant and each well by telephone, and allows each well to be shut from the plant control room. The pipeline is protected from external erosion by a cathodic protection system.​

Fluor's Solution

​Fluor provided services for engineering, detailed design, route selection, procurement, construction supervision, training and start-up assistance of a gas processing plant, ancillary facilities, and gathering pipelines to serve the Alrar gas field in Algeria. Fluor's scope of follow-on work also called for the construction of permanent camp facilities.

Fluor engaged more than 1,000 Fluor management and personnel throughout the seven-year life of the project, along with thousands of local subcontractors.

The remote, arid and extreme weather conditions in the Sahara made construction of this gas processing facility very challenging. Access and logistical support were key to achieving the schedule.


​Fluor provided services for Sonatrach's Alrar Gas Treating and Recycling Project in Alrar, Algeria. The project was completed in 1984.