Lemont, IL, U.S.

UNO-VEN FCC Revamp Project

​Fluor was awarded the project management, preliminary engineering, detailed engineering, procurement and contracts for UNO-VEN's Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Revamp Project. Fluor was the prime contractor for the construction management and turn​around maintenance for the revamp and expansion of the FCC unit, which utilizes UOP technology. The FCC Revamp Project combined eight projects plus turnaround maintenance into a single consolidated project.

Fluor's scope of work covered both capital and maintenance in the FCC Unit, with the single item being the complete replacement of the reactor head, plenum and cyclones. The goal was to increase unit capacity, operating flexibility, reliability and on-steam efficiency and to allow for future expansion.

Client's Challenge

​FCC unit turnarounds are among the most hazardous in refinery construction. The heavy lifts, extensive scaffolding, catalyst dust, confined space, outgassing from old refractory and manpower density all contribute to safety hazards. T​o maintain current production levels, it was important for Fluor to engineer the new work so that it could be done with limited disruptions to the ongoing operations.

Fluor's Solution

​Constructability was stressed early in the engineering phase. Design was led from Fluor's Houston office, with a goal to design for maximum installation while the plant was in operation and minimize disruptions.

The overall scope included:​

  • Regenerator cyclone modifications - modified regenerator cyclones to reduce catalyst losses and to improve reliability for three-year runs by reducing erosion
  • FCC riser outlet and cyclone modifications and reactor modifications
  • Overhead cooling
  • Replacement of air heater ignition system
  • Light Cycle Oil (LCO) Quench
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)
  • Replacement (in kind) of existing spent catalyst expansion joint with refractory
  • Turnaround maintenance for reactor/regenerator area
  • Replacement of existing regenerator expansion joint with a new cold wall design


Fluor's network helped achieve significant savings, including the use of a 1,000-ton primary lift crane provided by a Fluor subsidiary.

Fluor Constructors International Inc. was responsible for the construction management.


​Fluor completed the turnaround project in August 1994 on time and significantly under budget. The entire project was completed without a lost-time incident.​