Statoil Statpipe Gas Gathering System - Project Management

Fluor provided project management services to Statoil for the Statpipe Development Project, one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in the North Sea.

Fluor's management team was integrated with Statoil personnel to oversee all aspects of this challenging project, including the management of 15 major offshore contractors and over a 100 smaller contractors.


Client's Challenge

Statoil required a company that would work in partnership to develop one of the most complex projects ever undertaken in the North Sea.

The system carries both wet and dry gas through 530 miles of subsea pipeline. The northern part is a 180-mile long, 30-inch diameter wet gas line from Statfjord and block 34/10 to the Kårstø gas terminal on the west coast of Norway.

At Kårstø, the dry gas is separated and exported through a 28-inch diameter line to a riser platform in the Sleipner area, a distance of 140 miles. Heimdal gas also connects to the same platform by a 96-mile long, 36-inch diameter line.

From this platform, another 36-inch line carries dry gas 118 miles to a second riser platform at Ekofisk. Gas is then transported in the existing Norpipe system to Emden, Germany and then exported to continental Europe.

The system's initial capacity was 8 billion cubic meters, with an expansion capacity of 17 billion cubic meters.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor provided project management services to Statoil that included integrating management teams of both companies. The integrated team guided all aspects of the project, including managing major contractors and smaller companies, overseeing the budget and schedule, and working alongside each other to ensure the project met all objectives.

Fluor's worldwide procurement network was used to ensure delivery of 400,000 tons of steel pipe.

Fluor and Statoil worked together to develop new approaches to reporting and monitoring progress, quality, safety, and cost.



Fluor understood the importance of forming a partnership management concept with Statoil to complete this complex and challenging project in the North Sea.

Fluor selected project personnel who were best suited to work in a close team environment with Statoil. The result was a well-executed project delivered on schedule.