Shell Chemical Company
Norco, LA, U.S.

Shell GO-1 Ethylene Debottlenecking Project

Fluor was contracted to execute direct-hire construction for the GO-1 Ethylene unit at Shell Chemical Company's Norco Refinery in Norco, Louisiana. The GO-1 unit scope involved considerable equipment and piping change out, including pumps, exchangers, vessels and major process gas compression equipment, during unit shutdown.

In addition to the work in the GO-1 unit, the project included electrical and piping off-sites as well as a separate project to install all new facilities required for the installation of a new OL-5 unit ethylene furnace.

Client's Challenge

The project included facilities to increase ethylene production by removing process bottlenecks in the GO-1 South Unit and installing new facilities in the GO-1 North Unit to increase feedstock flexibility. Facilities at the refinery included an ethylene production unit (debottleneck), an ethylene/ethane furnace and a dry gas transfer piping system.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor has maintained a presence in Louisiana since 1955. At the time of this project’s completion in 1996, Fluor had executed more than 340 projects in the state.

The ethylene unit revamp GO-1 debottlenecking project comprised separate Authorization for Expenditure projects:

  • GO-1
  • F-140
  • Import dry gas
  • Process gas compression
  • Protective instruments systems upgrade

The GO-1 project had over 300 craft workers onsite at peak for the pre-shutdown and 800 personnel during the shutdown executing a total of 500,000 craft work hours.


The GO-1 Ethylene Debottlenecking project was completed on schedule and budget in 1996.