Santa Clara County Traffic Authority (SCCTA)
Santa Clara County, CA, U.S.

SCCTA Highway Construction Inspection (Routes 85, 101, 237)

The Santa Clara County Traffic Authority (SCCTA) contracted with Fluor Daniel to perform highway construction inspection for Caltrans on State Routes 85, 101 and 237. These projects involved virtually all aspects of highway construction including earthwork, erosion control, roadbed structural section, asphalt and portland cement concrete paving, median barrier development, rock slope protection, drainage structures, park-and-ride facilities, traffic signals and lighting.

Client's Challenge

​Voters of Santa Clara County, California, approved a one-half percent ten year tax increase for highway construction within the county (Measure A). The SCCTA, created as part of Measure A, made an agreement with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to implement all project activities including environmental documentation, right-of-way acquisition, design and construction.

Fluor's Solution

​In addition to ensuring that project plans and specifications were followed, Fluor Daniel verified material quantities, checked grade and alignment, sampled and tested construction materials and prepared all documents relating to project activities. Inspectors were also responsible for monitoring conformance to state and local safety and health requirements.

Throughout its involvement, Fluor Daniel identified actual and potential problems in the construction process and recommended sound engineering solutions.


​Upon completion of construction, Fluor Daniel assisted Caltrans in preparing final "as-built" plans.​