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An Industry Leader in Design and Construction of Infrastructure and Transportation Projects

With increased global demand for new major transportation programs, Fluor is capable of developing innovative solutions for large and complex construction projects.

We provide high-value solutions for bridges, highways, rail, toll roads and transit systems using design-build execution and innovative financing delivery methods such as public-private partnerships (P3).

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Our teams have extensive construction experience on a variety of bridge types, helping move pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trucks and trains across rivers, roads and highways. Whether it is a new, iconic gateway to a city or country or a highway bridge/interchange, our project teams allow us to meet schedule demands at great value to our customers.

Bridges are not only large pieces of infrastructure, they are also artistic structures that help define a city’s landscape. Fluor appreciates the long-standing impact our bridges have on communities and understands there is much more to our construction than a bridge that conveys people and goods across a river, road or train tracks.

Highways / Toll Roads

Listening to their goals and objectives, we partner with customers and project stakeholders to determine the safest and most efficient means of meeting or exceeding their desired outcomes. We value the life-cycle cost of the infrastructure we build, appreciating the opportunity to be part of the long-standing architecture and aesthetics of the community. By incorporating sustainable materials and using emerging safety technology, we improve quality and safety, mitigating potential issues through detailed planning prior to beginning execution of the project.

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Rail/Transit Systems

Fluor’s transit projects allow communities to commute to work, school and entertainment every day. We maintain an emphasis on safety, quality, schedule and environmental stewardship both during construction and throughout the useful life of the facility.

Through the construction of grade separations, additional rail lines and yards, our projects enable people and goods to move throughout the region, and across the country, more efficiently and safely.