EG&G Rocky Flats Inc.
Golden, CO, U.S.

EG&G Rocky Flats Plant

As part of a five-year basic ordering agreement, Fluor provided a wide variety of architectural, engineering and environmental services at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Rocky Flats plant. The facility, built in the 1950s for nuclear weapons manufacture, was focused on environmental cleanup and safe shutdown as its functions were transferred to another site.

Working with EG&G, the site's management and operating contractor, Fluor provided services for the study, analysis and design of nuclear, chemical, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental and architectural systems for the processing of radioactive and hazardous materials and wastes.

Client's Challenge

The plant was located on 6,550 acres, with a 384-acre security area surrounded by a natural buffer zone. The expansive complex contained 436 buildings and facilities with 16 operable units and 178 individual hazardous substance sites. Prior to 1989, the complex fabricated, assembled and tested radioactive components for nuclear weapons.

A critical deliverable was to ensure all DOE, federal, Environmental Protection Agency and state regulatory compliance standards were met throughout each phase.

Fluor's Solution

Critical task evaluation support activities included chemical processing of radioactive materials, waste minimization, decontamination, handling of radioactive materials, RCRA and CERCLA compliance, regulatory and institutional support, and corrective actions.

With Fluor's leadership in project management, lead tasks for low-level mixed waste characterization, treatment, packaging, certification and shipping were contained in the Comprehensive Treatment and Management Plan (CTMP) developed in response to a Federal Facilities Compliance Agreement (FFCA). A CTMP Implementation Model was developed by Fluor to provide EG&G and DOE with a management tool for costing, scheduling, assigning responsibilities, and tracking compliance against FFCA milestones. The model covers alternative compliance paths for mixed wastes including waste treatment technologies, waste characterization and regulatory requirements, in addition to meeting disposal site waste acceptance criteria.

With extensive technical resources, Fluor responded quickly to project needs. Task support ranged from providing one consultant to staffing of over 100 engineers and designers in many specialties with only a week's notice. As an example, Fluor was responsible for enhancing and upgrading the safeguards and security for nuclear materials activities at the plant

Approximately 1,200 drawings in 250 design packages were produced and issued over a 10-week period. Technical authority and experienced project management streamlined the planning and control systems, design procedures and control systems, design procedures and quality control/quality assurance methods.


The successful execution of the Rocky Flats Project allowed Fluor to expand its past performance credentials for environmental and nuclear (E&N) remediation work with the DOE. Significant follow-on E&N work include Fernald, OH, Hanford, WA, Portsmouth, OH and Paducah, KY locations, along with several international E&N Programs.