P. T. Freeport Indonesia
Irian Jaya, Indonesia

P.T. Freeport Indonesia Solid-fueled Power Plant - EPC

A Fluor partnership built an electric power plant in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

The 195-megawatt coal-fired plant consisting of three units producing 65 megawatts each, supported copper and gold mining operations that were the world's largest in terms of reserves and production.

Client's Challenge

P.T. Freeport Indonesia needed a design that withstood the tropical climate and the challenge of frequent earthquakes.

The company also needed a contractor that could work well with the local population that would supply the labor. Lastly, the power plant was being developed at the same time as the mine's No. 4 concentrator expansion.

Fluor's Solution

The Fluor partnership provided detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up services via onshore and offshore contracting entities.

Appropriate design modifications were made for the tropical climate and local seismic conditions, and Fluor used its unique 2 x 65 MW Reference Plant (Mecklenburg) as the design basis.

Using the Mecklenburg reference design saved engineering hours and minimized development time for equipment specification.

Each subcritical PC boiler produced 600,000 lb/hr of steam at 1625 psig and 950 degrees Fahrenheit, with a minimum steam flow rate of 180,000 lb/hr.

Construction that began in May 1996 was carried out in conjunction with expansion of the mine's No. 4 concentrator and supporting facilities, done by Fluor. The new power plant provided electric power to support the Client's copper and gold mining operations. Commercial operation of Units 1 and 2 was achieved in January 1998 and Unit 3, in 1999. In addition, Fluor contracted for operations and maintenance of the plant.


The Fluor partnership designed and built the power generation assets that supported P.T. Freeport Indonesia's mining operations.

Work was done concurrently with the Fluor project of building a new concentrator for the mine.

Fluor also contracted with the owners to provide comprehensive operations and maintenance for the power plant through Nusantara Power Services, taking on these responsibilities immediately after initial operations began.