Brecksville, OH, U.S.

BFGoodrich Multipurpose Batch Pilot Plant

Fluor developed conceptual and front-end engineering design for this pilot facility that produces photoresistant polymers used in the semiconductor industry. The project included two pilot lines, one small scale and one large scale, for commercial application to process both liquid and solid product.

The scope involved the conceptual design and specification of systems for the generation of ultra-pure water, as well as systems for solid filling and solution filling in a Class 100/1000 clean room environment, a filter/dryer and hot oil package. Flexibility, accessibility, process control and safety were critical design criteria for this first-of-a-kind production facility.

This ultra-clean plant used all glass-lined or perfluoroalkoxy-coated equipment. Fluor conducted process and instrumentation design reviews throughout various stages of the project. The front-end design was completed in less than 20 weeks.