Kimberly-Clark Corporation
LaGrange, GA, U.S.

Kimberly-Clark LaGrange Consumer Products Facility

Fluor provided total construction services for this 350,000-square-foot nonwoven products manufacturing facility. Located on a 140-acre site in Georgia, the plant is divided into four distinct production areas: the process tower, a utility area, a finish area and a warehouse. A manmade lake for fire control purposes was also added to serve the facilities.

The project was successfully completed two months ahead of schedule.

Client's Challenge

The plant produces a nonwoven fabric used in healthcare products such as surgical clothing wraps, recreational products such as tents and boat covers, and industrial paper products. Part of the nonwoven material produced is used in disposable diaper plants that Fluor constructed for Kimberly-Clark.

Fluor's Solution

Approximately 800 craft workers were employed during construction. An important feature of the project's staffing is that 100 percent of the craft employees were certified in Fluor's craft certification program.


In addition to this LaGrange facility, Fluor recently completed a similar facility for Kimberly-Clark in Lexington, North Carolina.

Fluor has also carried out work at Kimberly Clark plants in Coosa Pines, Alabama, Ogden, Utah and in Paris, Texas.