Exxon Chemical Americas
Baytown, TX, U.S.

Exxon Chemicals Paraxylene Unit Expansion

​Fluor performed the engineering, procurement services, and construction work for the grassroots UOP heavy PAREX section, along with the revamp of the fractionation section and offsites. This project involved reuse of existing equipment, piping and extensive modification to the process.

Offsites work consisted of erecting three new tanks, revamping minor modifications to other tanks and installing interconnecting piping systems. In addition, facilities were installed to centralize control of existing and new offsite facilities.

Client's Challenge

​Close coordination was required to complete as much of the fractionation revamp section as possible ​while the plant continued to produce the paraxylene product.

Fluor's Solution

A field engineering office was established to define tie-ins and establish piping routes.  The remainder of the design work was completed by a task force in the Houston home office. The existing plant was used as a design model. Offsite piping and tankage service was changed to accommodate the onsite revamp work. The process service of each of the existing fractionators was changed. Trays in certain fractionators were replaced with packing. The sewer system and relief system were modified.

Reuse of existing piping and equipment was maximized.

Performing construction work in an active operating chemical plant required increased attention to industrial hygiene and safety. The project completed more than 700,000 hours without a lost time accident.


The Paraxylene Expansion project at Baytown was successfully completed in January 1984.​