ARCO Oil and Gas Company
Gulf of Mexico

ARCO Enhanced Oil Recovery Program

​ARCO contracted Fluor to perform project and construction management services to increase the capacity of its gas recovery capability at its offshore Venice, Louisiana platforms. These two projects - enhanced oil recovery and additional gas compression plants - were executed simultaneously aboard the oil and gas offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Venice, Louisiana.

Fluor supervised modifications to all six platforms, located approximately sixty miles offshore in two hundred feet of water in South Pass Block 60.

Client's Challenge

​ARCO's capital investment in expanding its existing oil recovery and gas processing capacity would yield additional supply and revenues. Gas processing capability of an existing natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery module was increased by one-third, thereby allowing additional site-recovered NGL to be injected into the oil bearing formations to enhance product recovery.

Fluor's Solution

​The selection of Fluor as the project and construction management contractor was based on their proven ability to safely perform work concurrently on multiple offshore platforms.

Construction management included:

  • Detailed hook-up planning to minimize shut-down
  • Field engineering
  • Constructor supervision and inspection
  • Platform scheduling
  • Material control/warehouse administration
  • Logistics coordination
  • Process, piping, instrument and electrical purchasing
  • Start-up coordination

Project services included:

  • Engineering coordination (detailed engineering by others)
  • Contract administration
  • Cost/scheduling/reporting

Over 1200 pipe spool pieces ranging from two to eight inches were prefabricated and erected, eight pieces of heavy equipment were set, and detailed planning, coordination, materials handling and supervision of 250 contractor personnel aboard the six platforms and at the onshore gas plant facility near Venice, Louisiana, was required.


​Fluor successfully completed the enhanced oil recovery project in August 1983 on schedule and under budget with shut-down time savings.​