Empresa Nacional de Petróleo (ENAP)
Hualpén, Chile

ENAP Bío Bío Refinery Wet Gas Scrubber

Fluor was awarded a contract by Empresa Nacional de Petróleo (ENAP) for the engineering and procurement of a wet gas ​scrubber at Bío Bío refinery located in Hualpén, Chile. To meet environmental requirements, ENAP is undergoing a fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) revamp to improve gen​eral operation, energy efficiency and reliability of the gas treatment system that exhausts from the catalyst regeneration of the existing FCCU regenerator flue gas.

This project represents Fluor's entry into the oil and gas market in Chile.

Client's Challenge

​ENAP is investing capital to construct a new process unit at its Bío Bío refinery in Chile to meet the regulations demanded by the Environmental Authorities. ENAP is installing an atmospheric emissions abatement system and wet gas scrubber unit. Upon completion, ENAP will significantly reduce the emission of sulphur dioxide and fine particulate matter deriving from continuous catalyst regeneration process of the cracking catalytic unit.​​

Fluor's Solution

Fluor will perform the engineering and procurement services to install a new flue gas steam generator, a wet gas scrubber and purge treatment unit. The purge treatment unit will treat residual gas generated in the refinery’s fluid catalytic cracker, reducing air emissions.

Fluor scope of work and services:

  • Consistency check of basic engineering
    • UOP - Basic engineering of FFCU modifications
    • Parés y Álvarez - Basic engineering for interconnections
  • Detail engineering / review of vendor engineering
  • Seismic design reviewed and approved by 3rd party
  • Balance of plant equipment and material supply
  • Supply of tagged equipment and bulk materials
  • Procurement of main equipment by ENAP (expediting by Fluor, logistics by ENAP):
    • Wet gas scrubber and purge treatment unit
    • Flue gas steam generator

Using an integrated approach, Fluor managed a distributed execution between the Buenos Aires, Santiago, New Delhi and Houston offices.


​ENAP awarded Fluor an engineering and procurement contract for a new process unit at its Bío Bío refinery in Chile. While Fluor has been active in Chile for more than 35 years in the mining industry, this is Fluor’s firs​​t energy and chemicals project in Chile.