Compania Minera El Indio
El Indio (Fourth Region), Chile

Compania Minera El Indio Gold, Silver, and Copper Processing Facilities

Fluor provided engineering, procurement, construction management, and start-up services to Compañía Minera El Indio for gold, silver, and copper processing facilities at a site 14,000 feet up in the Chilean Andes.

Fluor implemented innovative techniques to complete this project in the remote mountains of Chile.

Due to the constant cold, concrete was heated for proper curing. Grout was used to seal large pipe covered with tents to prevent the dry winds from evaporating moisture from the mixture. Fluor also used pack mules to carry material to transmission tower sites located in isolated areas.

Despite the challenging conditions, the Fluor team successfully completed the copper, silver, and gold mine project with an experienced site team and dedicated Chilean construction crews.

Client's Challenge

Compañía Minera El Indio wanted to build mine-processing facilities in an isolated location 14,000 feet up in the Chilean Andes. The project site's severe climatic conditions presented several challenges, including lack of infrastructure and the logistics of getting equipment and workers to the site.

The facilities would process 437,500 metric TPY of copper-, gold-, and silver-bearing ore and would include installation of roasting facilities to upgrade the concentrates and carbon-in-pulp / electrowinning capabilities for gold and silver bullion recovery.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor provided engineering, procurement, construction management, and start-up services on this complex and challenging project in the remote mountains of Chile. In addition to the process plant building, the project included a coarse ore stockpile, crushing, washing, leaching, and storage for 5,500 tons; grinding, flotation, filtration, drying, and lime preparation.

Other project components included roasting, fume handling and product packing; cyanidation and carbon absorption and desorption; and reagent preparation.

Fluor provided ancillary facilities including service buildings for administration, repair and maintenance shops, consumable storage, and a change house. Water supplies, fire protection systems, water reservoirs, a tailings dame and power transmission and distribution systems were also provided.

Additional work included site preparation, roads, sewers, drainage system, as well as fencing, guardhouses, and other security facilities.



Fluor overcame severe environmental challenges to complete the El Indio gold and copper mine high in the Chilean Andes.

Fluor employed a site team with experience in constructing mines in every conceivable climate and location around the world. It also used experienced construction workers from Chile to complete the mining facilities.