Condea Huntsman JV
Moers, Germany

Maleic Anhydride Project

In June 1997, Fluor was contracted by Condea Huntsman to provide detailed engineering, procurement and construction management services for a new maleic anhydride (MA) plant, as well as the upgrade of an existing MA plant.

MA is manufactured with a Huntsman-owned process by partial oxidation of butane and subsequent separation with a selective solvent. The extracted MA is then distilled and stored.

Client's Challenge

Once completed, the total combined capacity of the plants would reach 56,000 tons per annum. The new MA plant was designed to have a capacity of 40,000 tons per annum, while the existing plant with an original capacity of 12,000 tons per annum was to be debottlenecked and integrated.

Fluor's Solution

The engineering and procurement services were executed on a lump sum basis. In addition, Fluor performed construction management and commissioning assistance services on a reimbursable basis.


The project was completed within the contractual schedule in 1999.