Anacortes, WA, U.S.

Clean Products Upgrade Project

​The Clean Products Upgrade Project (CPUP) includes the Isomerization Project at a Washington refinery.

The project includes the replacement of the Naphtha Hydrotreater (NHT) Reactor, revamp of the NHT unit and the installation of a new C5/C6 Isomerization (ISOM) unit to support EPA Tier 3 gasoline standards.​​​

Fluor was responsible for the front-end engineering and design (FEED), detailed engineering and procurement.​​​

Client's Challenge

The project scope covers the expansion and debottlenecking of the NHT unit, addition of a C5/C6 ISOM unit and associated impacts to the existing Benzene Saturation (BenSat™) Unit.

The NHT feed rate will be increased to 46,000 barrels per stream day, processing more fluid catalytic cracking gasoline to reduce sulfur in the gasoline pool and meet EPA Tier 3 gasoline standards.

A C5/C6 ISOM section will be added to the existing BenSat unit at the refinery to process 13,110 barrels per stream day feed and produce a C5/C6 Isomerate product.

The Isomerate improves the overall octane of the gasoline pool.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor's scope included FEED, detailed engineering and procurement for the Isomerization Project. Detailed engineering began in July 2015.

Fluor leveraged its global sourcing and fabrication capabilities, providing module erection and pipe fabrication. Nine modules were involved in the NHT/ISOM project with weights ranging from 40 to 120 tons.

The modules arrived complete with piping, mechanical equipment, electrical and instrumentation installed. This i​mproved productivity by reducing work hours on site, building mechanical and civil work concurrently and enhancing quality control. Fluor's solution reduced the overall total installed cost of the project by 17%.​


​Fluor is supporting upgrades to a Washington refinery. When completed, the revamped NHT unit and the added ISOM unit will allow the refinery to meet EPA Tier 3 gasoline standards.​