Wilton Complex, Teesside, United Kingdom

DuPont ICI Nylon Intermediates

Over six years beginning in 1996, Fluor helped DuPont U.K. upgrade and modernize several of its nylon intermediates plants located at the Wilton Complex in Teesside, England. A focus was on upgrading the plants in a cost-effective manner.

Coordinating its activities at three offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States, Fluor implemented a successful work-sharing program that resulted in a sizable cost-savings and no lost-time incidents or accidents. Fluor also brought expertise gained from years of working on DuPont facilities to the Wilton project.

Client's Challenge

Fluor was asked to play a major role in helping DuPont U.K. upgrade and modernize nylon intermediates plants in Teesside, an industrial center in northeastern England.

The plants were built originally by ICI, a British company. Revamping the plants as DuPont-owned and -operated facilities required a number of steps.

These included overall process and product evaluations, technology transfers from DuPont USA, and safety and environmentally focused upgrades.

After the updates went live, Fluor followed up with operations and maintenance (O&M) training.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor offices coordinated a technically and financially successful program to help DuPont U.K. with the upgrade process.

As part of this program, called the DuPont Wilton 2000 Program, Fluor U.S.A., Fluor U.K., and Fluor Spain combined to perform detailed engineering and procurement operations, among other operations.

The results were a very effective execution of the project. Zero accidents or negative incidents of any sort in six years of work both at Teesside and at the participating Fluor offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain resulted in a high level of Client satisfaction.



The project was successfully concluded in 2001.

Three major projects were implemented at the DuPont plants in Teesside with Fluor support.

Cost reductions were sought and achieved during the course of the project.

Fluor played a major role in helping develop the new Catalytic Oxidation Process for the N20 abatement at the nylon intermediates plants.

This program won DuPont's Excellence Award.