American University in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt

American University In Cairo Project and Construction Management

Fluor provided project and construction management services to the American University in Cairo (AUC) for its new 260-acre campus. Designed as a “City for Learning”, the campus was designed to serve a student population of 7,000.

A central feature of the campus layout is the AUC Plaza, which serves as a commons around which the university buildings are grouped. Beyond the central area and academic and administrative buildings is the University Garden, which aesthetically separates the central campus from the physical plant and maintenance facilities and the desert that surrounds the campus. A continuous flow of movement occurs between the University Garden and the open space along the edge of the campus. Recreational facilities include sports facilities, a small indoor coliseum, soccer fields, and tennis courts.

Client's Challenge

The American University in Cairo wanted to relocate its main campus from Tahir Square in the heart of Cairo to the planned community of New Cairo, a development with a projected population of approximately 4 million people, located to the east of the Cairo suburbs of Heliopolis and Nasr City.

The 260-acre campus includes classrooms, administrative offices, a sports arena, a theater, dormitories, and a student center, with a total build-out of 1.8 million square feet. Major components of the university include:

  • AUC Park and Square
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Sciences and Engineering
  • School of Business, Economics, and Communication
  • Core Academic Program
  • Library and Learning Technologies
  • Campus Center
  • Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation
  • Student Housing
  • University Administration
  • Student Services
  • Information Center
  • Physical Plant
  • Service and Utility tunnel
  • Presidential Housing Complex

Fluor's Solution

Fluor, as program and construction manager, was responsible for helping deliver the AUC project. Designed as a "City for Learning", the new campus was built for a full-time student enrollment of 5,500, a size that the university expects to reach a few years after occupancy, as the result of carefully planned incremental growth. The infrastructure is designed to serve a future 7,000 full-time students, in addition to the university's faculty and staff.

The campus consists of academic, recreational, administrative, student housing, student services, and maintenance buildings connected by open space. The campus design reflects the nature of Egypt, providing a spacious, park-like setting for students and guests.



Fluor helped deliver to the American University in Cairo, a beautifully designed 260-acre campus that will in the future serve up to 7,000 full-time students, faculty, and staff.

Fluor managed the relocation of the university from the center of Cairo to a planned community in New Cairo.

Various design themes for campus buildings combine to highlight organic changes that have occurred in the region over a period of centuries, dating back to the medieval times. These developments, which include cultural, social, environmental, and technological changes, shape the architecture, landscape, and urban character of the campus.